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“Third Place” is the ‘New Normal’

After the doctor’s office and the hospital, where healthcare is traditionally delivered, healthcare is now being delivered at a “third place” — wherever the patient happens to be. The “third place” is both everyplace and no place. It is “Healthcare Everywhere”.
Healthcare is moving to a new place – the
“Third Place”


Third Place

a place wherever the patient happens to be!


Improved Access

The “third place” is both everyplace and no place.

Patient friendly and intuitive interface, offers strong workflow to deliver services efficiently
Secured platform

cloud based, modular, easy to go-live application that can integrate with your current doctor data base, plus allows you to create local database

Continuity of care

for the patient who travel from outside location (city) or post-surgery movement is a challenged, online consultation offers an optimal solution.

Improves revenues

Some hospitals have seen 10-12% increase in their revenues by deploying aggressive approach to home care services.

Improves Patient footfall

Home sample collection, second opinion and online consultation offers a completely new dimension to the care delivery process that increases patient footfall.

Enhanced brand image

Well-designed, technically robust and intuitive customer solution, not only takes you digitally ahead, but also builds up your brand image among the digitally savvy population.

Second Opinion

This well-designed module can be leveraged for second opinion between “patient and doctors” and also “doctor to doctor”

Improve Access
More digital you are, better the patients perceive you

In a quick perception survey, we found that more digital you are, more you make lives of your patient convenient through digital technologies, the better your brand image in their eyes. Players have started moving to the new normal, the question is, whether are you there? Its not a choice, its only “When” you decide to act.

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Healthcare Everywhere
Tele-medicine has a legal backing now!

While this concept has been evolving over time, Covid-19 has fast tracked the adoption of homecare with tele-consultation taking the driver’s seat.
The biggest change being that Government has released a legal framework for tele-medicine and tele-medicine services are legal now.

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Key Modules
Well-designed workflow for audio / video consults
  • Book an appointment, make online payments
  • Secure video consultation powered by one of the world’s leading platform
  • Platform complies with government’s notified guidelines for tele-medicine
  • e-prescribe while consulting and to upload handwritten prescriptions
  • Complete consultation and record management
  • Date and doctor wise appointment list along with the status
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