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Patient Experience Management

Bravelily patient experience management application envisaged to empower Hospitals to facilitate a great patient experience. Cloud based highly secured patientengagement platform offers “Automated feedback”&“Complain Management” modules to overall improve the “Happiness Index”.

With Bravelily Patient engagement platform , every patient graduates into a brand ambassador of the hospital. It’s a platform that puts Word-of-mouth publicity on a driver’s seat, it changes the way we look at each patient touch points (experience), offers real time and rich dash board for the decision support system. It also offers hospital level analysis to a patient level detailing on the click of a button. Improving patient happiness has become an increasingly important goal for hospitals in recent years. In addition to keeping your patients happy and healthy, improving your patient happiness also earns you more revenue.

With Bravelily Service Request, Automated Feedback, Smart Alerts, Real time Analytics module/ features you are sure of improving the happiness index of your patients positively.

Healthcare is moving to a new place – the
“Third Place”


Third Place

a place wherever the patient happens to be!


Improved Access

The “third place” is both everyplace and no place.

Patient friendly and intuitive interface, offers strong workflow to deliver services efficiently

Multidevice Capture patient feedbacks on tablets, through website, email and SMSor even thru call centre. API for Website, Internal screens, Social Plug ins and with hospital information system

Multi-level escalations

Ticket based service request module offers multi-level escalations and intuitive dashboard which is automated and reduces the turnaround time, helps in enhancing patient experiences


Multi-languageWe understand that you can't risk excluding potential customers just because your system does not support their language. Speak the language your customers want to speak, we support all languages.

Improves authenticity

Improves authenticity:Role based access, OTP and feedback confirmation process increased the authenticity of the feedback, process encourages video feedback.

Build Trust

Build Trust System allows you to celebrate positive content online on your website and social pages, reduces the cost of feedback operations, increases the compliance.

Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics Use of advanced analytics and NPS, Trend analysis, Benchmark analysis for feedback analysis and generating actionable insights, Intelligent system identify customer sentiments which are otherwise difficult to identify.

Improve Access
More digital you are, better the patients perceive you

In a quick perception survey, we found that more digital you are, more you make lives of your patient convenient through digital technologies, the better your brand image in their eyes. Players have started moving to the new normal, the question is, whether are you there? Its not a choice, its only “When” you decide to act.

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Healthcare Everywhere
Tele-medicine has a legal backing now!

While this concept has been evolving over time, Covid-19 has fast tracked the adoption of homecare with tele-consultation taking the driver’s seat.
The biggest change being that Government has released a legal framework for tele-medicine and tele-medicine services are legal now.

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Key Modules
Bravelily, the one stop platform for the patient engagement and experience offers the following modules:
  • Automated Feedback: Capture patient feedbacks on tablets, through website, email and SMS. Feedbacksolution for hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies, capture patient sentiments, staff responsiveness, facility rating among other parameters
  • Complain Management / Service Request Ticket based service request module offers multi-level escalations and intuitive dashboard which is automated and reduces the turnaround time and enhances the patient experiences
  • Deep Analytics/ Dashboard Improve the operation and quality of care with help of real-time deep category level (Cash, credit, TPA, Domestic & International) analysis to a customer level view on a simple yet comprehensive dashboard.
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