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We weave in latest emerging technologies like advanced analytics (AA), augmented intelligence (AI), predictive texts and machine learning (ML) in our solutions to deliver sharp business insights and a ‘wow’ experience
Video Consultation

‘Video Consultation’ solution for Routine, Follow-up, Chronic care and Second Opinions, can go live in 4 hours including appointments, online payment, consultation history, recording


With our homecare module you may start Comprehensive set of modules – Home pick-up for diagnostics, home delivery for pharmacy, medical equipment rental and medical support staff for home care

Smart prescription

Faster & easy than writing a manual prescription – you can spend more time with patients and deliver a ‘WOW’ digital experience to them, Uses latest technologies like AI, ML and Predictive text to make it easy to learn and the interface is simple & intuitive

Patient Experience

One stop platform for patient engagement & patient experience, offers multi-channel, multi-device and multi-lingual automated feedback & complaint management system. Also offers API integration with Websites, Internal screens, Social Media

Covid Home Isolation

A unique IT solution to help hospitals manage and monitor COVID-19 patients who are home isolated, Hospital specific, customizable monitoring parameters checklist on which to monitor patients, Powerful dashboards to monitor progress of patients

# Smart Marketing

camp management, patient relationship management, campaign management, lead management, ‘relevantly’ connected with mobile based messaging system, SMS, Emails, Website and in-house digital displays


A company curating technology solutions to augment your capabilities

We focus across 4 E’s – Enablement, Empowering the stakeholders involved, enhancing Engagement and Experience Management’

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Make you even more effective and efficient

We weave in business insights and latest technologies like advanced analytics, augmented intelligence and machine learning to develop solutions that enable our clients to solve some of the most complex business issues.

Convenient way to transact – from anywhere

Our solutions aim to make it convenient for your customers to work with the hospital, your employees to conduct their work, and the management with ‘Insights that Matter’ for managing the business better.

Reduce anxiety and operational chaos

Effective engagement with patients can not only reduce unwarranted anxieties but also improve overall satisfaction. Robust workflows that we develop reduce transactional load on employees.

Convert patient into your ambassadors

Our set of business solutions provide you with the necessary technology tools to measure, monitor and enhance patient experience. We leverages latest technologies such as AA, AI and Machine learning.

Industry insights, latest technology, beautiful and easy to use UI, and robust workflows – that’s us

Our strength lies in being able to appreciate your pain points and develop appropriate business solutions enabled by technology. We have ready off-the-shelf technology solutions which many of our clients are already benefitting from. And, we are working on new set of solutions to bring to you analytical and predictive strengths of newer technologies like AI, ML and advanced analytics

Industry insights

60+ years of rich healthcare industry experience with deep understanding of ‘what matters.’ Makes our solutions and workflows robust

Latest technology

We weave in latest emerging technologies like advanced analytics (AA), augmented intelligence (AI), predictive texts and machine learning (ML) in our solutions to deliver sharp business insights and a ‘wow’ experience

Intuitive Interface

While designing the application, our experience UI designers like to think from the user perspective to make the functionality comprehensive and the UI both pleasant and easy to use

Unique Pricing Models

We believe in democratizing the use of technology for business benefits. We offer customized, affordable, and innovative outcome-based pricing models.

Patient friendly and strong workflow to deliver services efficiently
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System Setup & training

Setting up the system and payment gateway – we can make you live in less than 4 hours.


Improve patient experience & revenues by offering services where they are –
third place!

Improve Access
More digital you are, better the patients perceive you

In a quick perception survey, we found that more digital you are, more you make lives of your patient convenient through digital technologies, the better your brand image in their eyes. Players have started moving to the new normal, the question is, whether are you there? Its not a choice, its only “When” you decide to act.

Healthcare Everywhere
Digital healthcare revolution is coming to India

National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) had been in making and government has now decided to start the implementation. One of the building blocks in NDHB is creating federated Personal Health Records (PHR) to provide the citizens access to their health data. This would require healthcare providers to implement EMR within their practices – both in OPD and IPD settings, so that mandated data can be shared with the government health repository.