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Home Isolation Application

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to rise, virtual care has become critical, keeping this in mind most of the state government have announced the policy of home isolation. Not only hospital but patients are also preferring home isolation, wherever possible At Bravelily, we understand this battle is not easy and we fully support our healthcare heroes. Bravelily Home Isolation Management system supports early community-based triage through automated assessments, The application has introduced a unique concept of assigning a daily “health score” to each patient which represents a composite assessment of patient’s condition on the clinical parameters defined by the hospital. Coupled with remote treatment with telemedicine and dedicated customer support - all this with quick deployment turnaround!
Healthcare is moving to a new place – the
“Third Place”


Third Place

a place wherever the patient happens to be!


Improved Access

The “third place” is both everyplace and no place.

Friendly & intuitive interface, offers strong workflow with a Unique Health Scoresystem
Secured platform

cloud based, modular, easy to go-live application that can integrate with your current doctor data base, plus allows you to create local database

Improves revenues

Enable your hospital to offer services beyond the physical boundaries of your compound walls, enrol patients for home isolation without occupying your revenues bed.

Enhanced brand image

Well-designed, technically robust and intuitive customer solution, not only takes you digitally ahead, but also builds up your brand image among the digitally savvy population.

Visual intuitive dashboards

Intuitive dashboard provides smart tracking of the patient’s condition both at individual patient level and as single overview of all patients

System Alerts

Monitor changes in patient’s reported condition through a new and unique concept of ‘Health Score highlights any abnormality with colour codes

Highly customizable

Provide flexibility to hospitals to create own list of clinical parameters on which to monitor home isolation patients and assign weights to these parameters on relative criticality

Improve Access
More digital you are, better the patients perceive you

In a quick perception survey, we found that more digital you are, more you make lives of your patient convenient through digital technologies, the better your brand image in their eyes. Players have started moving to the new normal, the question is, whether are you there? Its not a choice, its only “When” you decide to act.

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Healthcare Everywhere
Tele-medicine has a legal backing now!

While this concept has been evolving over time, Covid-19 has fast tracked the adoption of homecare with tele-consultation taking the driver’s seat.
The biggest change being that Government has released a legal framework for tele-medicine and tele-medicine services are legal now.

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Key Modules
Home isolation management
  • A unique IT solution to help hospitals manage and monitor COVID-19 patients who are home isolated
  • Hospital specific, customizable monitoring parameters checklist on which to monitor patients
  • Easy interface for nurses to capture change in condition of a patient
  • Uses unique concept of ‘Daily Health Score’ for a patient based to monitor change in condition
  • Powerful dashboards to monitor progress of patients – detailed view at individual level and single view across all patients
  • Allows early intervention for patients whose condition is not improving
  • Integrated Video consultation and home medicine delivery system
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